From these pages you can find information about type 1 diabetes and research projects in Finland aiming to its prediction and prevention. DIPP and TEDDY studies are based on the screening of newborns for increased genetic risk for diabetes, whereas TrialNet Natural History Study investigates the risk for diabetes in close relatives of type 1 diabetics. The purpose of all these three projects is to study the risk factors and development of type 1 diabetes in order to find new treatment and prevention methods.

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10.07.2013 Dabetes in the News: "Early, late solid food exposures up diabetes risk"
Diabetes in the News: news/top-news/single-article/early-late-solid-food-exposures-up-diabetes-risk/4fa37fe8
08.04.2013 TEDDY poop-sample analysis starts
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05.04.2013 TEDDY in the news: "Global Surge in Type 1 Diabetes Still an Enigma"
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31.01.2012 Now you can find us also on Facebook.
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